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About Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are really cute. A lot of people think that Guinea pigs are disgusting rodents, but they are wrong in my opinion. I think Guinea pigs are super cute and soft. Baby Guinea pigs are sooo cute, soft, and fluffy. They have little tiny noses and eyes. We have 1 or 2 pregnant Guinea pigs. My dad said that they should give birth soon. He also sells them when they are old enough. If anyone wants to buy any of them please leave a comment down below!!

Taking care of a horse

A lot of people think it is easy to take care of a horse but little do they know that it is actually a bit challenging (not to discourage any one who is reading). Horses need a lot of care and attention, if you don’t groom or pay attention to your horse it will get depressed. When a horse is depressed it will show symptoms like fever, laying on the ground, and not eating. When you see that your horse has these symptoms you should either spend time with it or call the V.E.T.. It is nice having a horse and being to ride it whenever you want. I go to a ranch and take horseback riding lessons at Royal Haven farm. It is a great place to learn riding, and how to take care of a horse. My teachers name is Mrs. Tamara and she is a great teacher. If anyone if you want to know more about the ranch and lessons