Short Story

It was early May when Kelly was walking home school, at Montgomery Elementary, when she heard a whimpering sound coming from the bushes. She turns to the bushes to see what is making the sound. To her surprise she saw a little puppy in the middle of the bushes. He looked about eight weeks old and was black and white. He had been abandoned there with no one to care for him. He looked up at Kelly with his big blue crystal eyes practically begging her to take him home. Kelly, immediately after seeing him, fell in love with him and decided to name him spot and brig him home. Although she wanted to care for him she knew her parents wouldn’t let her keep him. So, she devised a plan to keep him in her room and not let her parents see. Sadly this plan was flawed and one day her mother came into her room and was very surprised to find an eight pound ball fur sitting on her daughters bed. Kellys mom was furious with what Kelly had done but was proud as well. However Kelly still could not keep him. The next day Kelly and her mother went to the local animal shelter. Kelly, with tears in her eyes, said bye to spot hoping she would see him again sometime in the future….

The End